Montes Wines

Sustainable Dry Farming

Working sustainably—in our vineyards, in the
winery, and in our relationships with our
collaborators and the community at large—has been
one of the fundamental pillars of the Montes philosophy since the winery began.

And being true to this philosophy, we are aware that water is a scant resource and it is our duty to be responsible with its use, especially given the low levels of precipitation in Chile’s central zone in recent years.

We have therefore been working to decrease our water footprint since 2009 and studying the effects of different levels of irrigation on the vineyards and the resulting wines under the premise that less irrigation produces lower yields and therefore greater quality.

These studies have allowed us to determine the different irrigation needs in specific sectors of our vineyards and of particular grape varieties, and this has allowed us to reduce water consumption by 65%equivalent to the average annual water needs of 20,000 people in a full year.