Montes Wines is the only winery in Chile that carries out dry farming, resulting in highly efficient water use.

The effects of Montes's Dry Farming

In 2009, we started our pioneering sustainable dry farming project, and managed to reduce our total water consumption by more than 65%, relying mostly on just rainfall to water the vineyards, rather than irrigation. With this project we achived an annually water saving of the same amount of precious water consumed by 3,200 families.

The results until now have been spectacular, confirming that less irrigation results in higher quality grapes, with enriched fruitiness and aromatic expression. These grapes are smaller than normal but have a higher phenolic concentration, which allows for the wine’s better natural, slow oxidation in barrel, achieving more complexity and character through ageing. 

Montes Wines' Grape Clusters


'Our fruit is riper and heavier in the mouth', Aurelio Montes highlights.

From our very first vintage, our philosophy has been to produce wines of the highest quality, always taking care of the environment and our workforce, nurturing a sustainable culture at all stages of the winemaking process.

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