Montes Twins: Certified Vegan


What is a vegan wine? It’s one that is acceptable to drink by those who follow a vegan lifestyle. Vegans reject all products derived from animals, including foods, drinks, and textiles, among other things. 

And it’s true that wine is not always vegan, which causes confusion, because wine comes from just fermented grapes and should, in theory, be vegan by its very nature. However, in the final stages of the winemaking process, wine can be clarified, filtering out any natural impurities that may be present after fermentation has finished. This natural material in suspension can vary in size, larger impurities descend more quickly to the bottom of a tank or barrel, while smaller particles may take much longer to precipitate, if at all. 

Clarifiers are chemical substances that help to speed up the fall of these suspended particles, by gelling when in contact with the wine. There are many clarifying agents used in the wine industry, of varying origins. One clarifier is albumin, derived from animals, which renders wines exposed to incompatible with a vegan diet. 

We’re proud to say that our Montes Twins wine is not made with any animal-derived products, and is Certified Vegan. So all of our vegan fans can carry on enjoying the wine! 

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